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                                          WARD CARE                            PATIENT MOBILITY

                                            TROLLEYS              R            EXAMINATION


 Looking back the path that was treaded on,
 Royal furniture has done enough to fulfill customer   RECEPTION  O            WAITING AREA
 need  along with  quality  output.  Established as  an
 educational furniture manufacture used in office.
 Classroom, and laboratory it has colossal growth in all
 these years. Time-honored in 1996 with a tolerable
 man power it has been delivering furniture products   DOCTOR ROOM  D          MEETING ROOM

 in elegance, in style. It has been now expanding its
 territory in all modes and sure this could inculcate
 into big and matchless thing in the future years.
 Running parallel to technology, we have updated and
 provided enough to the milieu with unrivaled models
 in a series.                                STORAGE              U            ADMIN OFFICE
 On track from the year 1996 with a baseline of auto-
 matic machineries and 100 people working with at
 the ground it may now broaden into a range of 40000
 sq   infrastructure. It is still miles to go ….
 For sure there is no halt.              LABORATORY                            MEDICAL SHOP

                                               CHAIRS                          CAFETERIA

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